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With his highly anticipated debut solo album set for a March 2023 release, Norwegian multi-instrumentalist Michael Krumins’ uniquely intriguing blend of cosmopolitan world music, atmospheric and melancholic folk is about to be realized as never before. Both a musical and literal nomad, who has lived and created across Europe and Africa, this wandering virtuoso – formerly a member of Green Carnation and Nutopia – is promising a vibrant, stylistically-diverse record encompassing influences and instruments from folk music, while also reflecting his background in prog rock/metal.

Release March 24.jpg

- Digital as Dolby Atmos

- Vinyl as Direct Metal Mastering

- Self released

"Enchanting, impressive full of atmosphere and sweet melancholy."


"An extraordinarily rich and solid album. A true masterpiece!"

10/10 -

5/6 -

9/10 -

8/10 -

Uniquely diverse and vastly experienced Norwegian multi-instrumentalist Michael Krumins releases his debut solo album in March 2023. Embracing a kaleidoscope of international influences, styles, and instruments, the Athens-based global artist brings a quarter-century of performing with some of Europe and Africa’s most experimental and captivating projects to this long-awaited collection. Krumins seamlessly marries virtuoso progressive metal, world music, and dark neo folk into something all his own.

His rare talent helped land Krumins’ first band a record deal when he was just 16. Yet this was just the springboard for a dizzying career that has included a master’s degree in world music, touring across Europe and the Americas with prog rock band Green Carnation and goth metal act Sirenia, and forming adventurous world music collective Nutopia. With influences including Arabic, Balkan, and Turkish genres, Nutopia was invited to perform and collaborate with local artists in Tanzania and Mozambique, with Krumins playing to an audience of 60,000 in Maputo.

Truly a global citizen, Krumins has lived in Germany, The Netherlands, Mozambique, and on an Aegean island, constantly absorbing sounds and cultures. This deep well of international experience, mastery of multiple stringed instruments, and a cinematic world
view irresistibly mingle like never before on his first solo release


"The highly skilled Norwegian switched between electric and acoustic guitar very easily, and when he got his hands on a Greek bouzouki he played it in such a way as to amaze almost all of us"

"An instrumental journey, which the crowd welcomed with great warmth. Krumins enchanted the audience with his melodies." -

"He includes in his works influences from the entire world musical heritage. Krumins wanted to take us by the hand and show us how flamenco can reach out to Dead Can Dance and progressive metal meets neofolk." -

"The Norwegian presented his upcoming personal debut, 'Infinity', which for the writer will also be a relaxing soundtrack full of musical images. Until then, what we are left with is a sweet personality and a cultural, psychedelic manifesto."  -

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